Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book: Newly Updated 6th Edition Just Released

Dr. susan love 6th

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010,  one of the first things I did was go to my local book store to find the best and most comprehensive books I could find to help guide my decisions.  The two books that I kept on my bedside table throughout the entire year were “Dr. Susan Love’s […]

The Last Leg Of the Great French Adventure: Normandy

Standing on the famous water lily bridge at Giverny

It’s about time I write my last post about the France trip. I’ve been a bit remiss because I’ve been traveling for work quite a bit in the past few months but I’d like to get this up on the site so I can remember the details. After 5 days in Paris, Gloria Steinem left us to […]

Summer Reading List

all the light

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling out to the West Coast these past few months and below are the best of the books I’ve read on my many long flights. All The Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr A beautifully written haunting story about a young, blind French girl and a German boy whose lives […]

A Global Phenomenon: the Man Bun

Jared Leto's man bun

We interrupt this stream of vacation posts, for a quick discussion about a global phenomenon that I’ve recently become obsessed with. Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of man buns. The first one that made an impression on me was Jared Leto’s at the Oscars (or was it the Golden Globe’s). Then I noticed that Leo DiCaprio […]

The Great French Adventure: Last Day in Paris

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

On Wednesday, Mata Hari and Truman Capote went to the French Open and Gloria Steinem and I took the day to lazily wander around the city, buy some presents for our families and have a few nice meals. After breakfast we went to Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in the French Quarter, a charming and fascinating […]

The Great French Adventure: Trip to the Local Gendarmerie

036 - Copy

After my experience with the Parisian pickpocket community, I began to take notice of the local police or “gendarmes” as those of us in the know call them. Let me just say that they are quite a handsome bunch. They have these snappy dark blue uniforms with epaulettes and stripes, which are tailored and fitted. […]

The Great French Adventure: Part 3

Jim Morrison of The Doors.

On day 3 of our French adventure, we went to Pere Lachaise, the huge cemetery in Paris where many famous artists, musicians, writers, heroes, politicians and actors are laid to rest. I’d wanted to go to see Jim Morrison’s grave, so we made our way there via the metro, in the late afternoon after spending our […]

The Great French Adventure: Part 2

At last, we found the Mona Lisa!

On day 2 we the started our morning breakfast ritual at the bistro right next to our hotel: A bucket of croissants and cafe latte. It wasn’t really a full basket of croissants; there was one croissant and 2 baguettes but, mon dieu, it was all so delicious. An added bonus was our waiter who was very young […]