A Global Phenomenon: the Man Bun

Jared Leto's man bun

We interrupt this stream of vacation posts, for a quick discussion about a global phenomenon that I’ve recently become obsessed with. Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of man buns. The first one that made an impression on me was Jared Leto’s at the Oscars (or was it the Golden Globe’s). Then I noticed that Leo DiCaprio […]

The Great French Adventure: Last Day in Paris

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

On Wednesday, Mata Hari and Truman Capote went to the French Open and Gloria Steinem and I took the day to lazily wander around the city, buy some presents for our families and have a few nice meals. After breakfast we went to Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in the French Quarter, a charming and fascinating […]

The Great French Adventure: Trip to the Local Gendarmerie

036 - Copy

After my experience with the Parisian pickpocket community, I began to take notice of the local police or “gendarmes” as those of us in the know call them. Let me just say that they are quite a handsome bunch. They have these snappy dark blue uniforms with epaulettes and stripes, which are tailored and fitted. […]

The Great French Adventure: Part 3

Jim Morrison of The Doors.

On day 3 of our French adventure, we went to Pere Lachaise, the huge cemetery in Paris where many famous artists, musicians, writers, heroes, politicians and actors are laid to rest. I’d wanted to go to see Jim Morrison’s grave, so we made our way there via the metro, in the late afternoon after spending our […]

The Great French Adventure: Part 2

At last, we found the Mona Lisa!

On day 2 we the started our morning breakfast ritual at the bistro right next to our hotel: A bucket of croissants and cafe latte. It wasn’t really a full basket of croissants; there was one croissant and 2 baguettes but, mon dieu, it was all so delicious. An added bonus was our waiter who was very young […]

What To Consider When Determing Your Chemotherapy Regimen

Adriamycin, the "Red Devil"

Before I had breast cancer, I had very little knowledge about chemotherapy. My only vague understanding of it was that chemo filled your entire body with toxins in the hopes of ferreting out and killing any cancer cells. That was about all I knew, and frankly I was extremely negative about it. I used to say that I […]

Cure Diva Is A Wonderful Resource For Women Going Through Breast Cancer

curediva annmarie

I’m excited to share information about the Cure Diva site today.  I found the Cure Diva group on Facebook and want to share it with My Left Breast readers because it’s so freaking helpful for anyone going through breast cancer! When I was going through breast cancer in 2010, I had a lot of trouble finding […]

How Angelina Jolie Pitt’s Decision Can Help Us Become Stronger Healthcare Advocates For Ourselves

-The beautiful thing about such moments

By now, you’ve heard about and read the March 24th New York Times article, “Diary of a Surgery” by Angelina Jolie.  In it, Jolie shares her decision to have a laparoscopic bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy because of her risk factors for both breast and ovarian cancer after having tested positive for carrying the BRCA1 gene mutation. As I woke up that morning […]